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Metal Roofing

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing makes for a great investment that will boost your business or home’s value. Whether you’re building a new home or structure or replacing an existing roof, it’s hard to go wrong with metal roofing. Choose from a number of materials, such as zinc, aluminum, or galvanized steel, and enjoy their superior performance. Regardless of your home or business’s style, size, age, or regional location, metal roofing offers a number of benefits. Learn more below about the perks of metal roofing, then get in touch with us to start on the installation process.

Durability: built to handle just about anything Mother Nature throws at it, from hail to fire to extreme temperature fluctuations

Longevity: can last up to 50 years with minimal maintenance, paying dividends over time despite a large up-front investment

Sustainability: the most environmentally friendly material on the market, being nearly 100% recyclable

Efficiency: reduce heating, cooling, and other energy costs by up to 40% thanks to heat-deflective coatings and effective insulation

Versatility: available in numerous styles and colors that will look great for longer, able to either boldly stand out or subtly complement

Contact Us for Metal Roofing Installation or Repair

Marshall Roofing, LLC uses only high-quality products to install and repair the metal roofs of our customers in the greater Altoona, State College, and Ebensburg, PA areas. We offer a 40-year Metal Warranty on the product. We can also discuss your financing options before we get started.

If your current roof is made of classic asphalt shingles, a new metal roof can be installed over it. Assuming your local building codes permit it, skipping having to tear off existing shingles can be a great way to save time and labor costs. The only thing to watch our for with this installation method is trapped water vapor between the two materials. Other than the potential for mold growth in this scenario, metal roofing is impervious to rot, fire, insects, and more. Ask for a vented metal roof to prevent moisture build-up and alleviate any concerns about this issue.

Metal roofing is our specialty, and we look forward to improving the comfort and curb appeal of your home or business with our professional services. If you’d like a free estimate to get things moving in the right direction, feel free to call us!